Gini Sikes contributes as a web producer and writer to the eraeducationproject.com, a non-profit, national multi-media campaign to let people know that equal rights under federal law still aren't a reality for American women — and to help fire up a new generation to reignite the battle for an amendment guaranteeing them in our Constitution. Through the project ERA University, she also participates in classroom workshops for college students.

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Website Content Producer: ExecutionChronicles.org

Gini Sikes helped create and launch www.executionchronicles.org, a website connected to Ilan Ziv’s documentary-in-progress, The Execution Chronicles, about the conviction and imprisonment of a death row inmate who killed two people in revenge for 9/11.  The inmate appears in web broadcasts, as do family members of his victims, along with activists against hate crimes from around the world. 

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Website Content Producer: Mud Puddle Productions

Writer/Producer Gini Sikes, in collaboration with Mud Puddle Productions, created a series of short educational videos for pre-school children.