From the serious to the irreverent, Gini Sikes has produced and scripted television shows for MTV, VH1, PBS, Discovery Health, Court TV, TLC and others.  For MTVNews’ documentary series, True Life she directed episodes about drug addiction, youth violence and teenage sexual health. She  produced and co-wrote the Choose or Lose election special Where Were You at 22? which looked at the 2000 presidential candidates when they were the age of MTV's viewers, through interviews, archival footage and home movies. Teaming with Israeli director Ilan Ziv on Jesus Politics, a documentary about the intersection of faith and politics in America, she discovered Liberal Mennonites, Christian fundamentalists and Catholic Anarchists.  She also uncovered the whereabouts of some balding ex-members of eighties hair bands for VH1 Where are they Now?

To view samples of Gini Sikes television work, see below.

Choose or Lose: Where Were You at 22? John McCain (MTV)
Producer/Writer Gini Sikes



Choose or Lose: Where Were You at 22? Al Gore (MTV)
Producer/Writer Gini Sikes


True Life: I'm on Ecstasy Part 1 (MTV)
Producer/Writer Gini Sikes


True Life: I'm on Ecstasy Part 1 (MTV)
Producer/Writer Gini Sikes

Skin Sculptors (TLC)
Producer/Writer Gini Sikes for North South TV

Jesus Politics (Feature-length documentary Icarus Films)  
Associate producer Gini Sikes



 Where Are They Now? (VH1) Girls Girls Girls Producer/writer

Fight For Your Rights: Through My Eyes (MTV) Producer/writer

True Life: I'm Hooked on OxyContin (48hours and MTV) co producer/writer                 

True Life: I Need Sex Rx (MTV) ) Producer/writer

True Life: I Live in a Brothel (MTV)

Gangsta Girls (AMC) Co-Producer/Consultant

Heart of the City with John Kennedy (PBS) segment producer

In the Mix (PBS) segment producer

Welcome Freshman (NICKLEODEON) comedy sketch writer

Fox/MTV Guide to Summer with Cindy Crawford and Tommy Davidson Writer

Michael Jackson Trial Coverage (Court TV) package producer/writer