COMING SOON– Equal Means Equal

In the United States of America, all men are created equal. Women? Eh... not so much.

Gini Sikes is producer and co-writer of the documentary currently in production, Equal Means Equal. (Directed by Kamala Lopez of Heroica Films.)


Back in the seventies there was a joke: 
 “How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?”
 Answer: “That’s not funny! 

Yeah, yeah, yeah – if you cared about gender equality, you were humorless, man hating, and most likely hairy. This caricature was used to dismiss the views of those fighting for an Equal Rights Amendment for women in the Constitution, that is,  the ERA. Remember that? 

The law never passed,  and today most people know the letters ERA only as a baseball statistic.  Even so, 91 percent of Americans believe our Constitution should gurantee equal rights for women  a startling 72 percent of Americans think it already does. But  men and women do not have the same protections.  

And now many of women's existing rights are under attack.  Check out our trailer for a shocking look at recent attacks. 

In the irreverent tradition of Michael Moore’s Sicko and Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me, the documentary Equal Means Equal delves into what and who is  behind these assaults,  and explores how to strike back.  

The film follows director Kamala Lopez as she journeys the country to learn what women think about their lives, how – or if – they want them to change and what difference Constitutional equality might make. 

These are voices of women from the well known, such as Patricia Arquette and Courtney Cox, to the unknown, including gang girls, hotel maids and sex-trafficked teenagers. 

The audience will hear from Mormons for ERA, politicians battling to reintroduce the ERA despite great odds, attorneys who took the sex discrimination case against Wal-Mart to the Supreme Court, and a Black Baptist minister who views women’s rights on par with human rights. 

And for those who worry that feminists aren’t funny, Equal Means Equal balances the gravitas with some guffaws. America's top female comics give their take on all-male birth control Congressional panels, “legitimate rape” and snarky female stereotypes. 

We're currently raising funds to continue filming Equal Means Equal.