Gini Sikes’ stories range from reporting on homeless kids in the U.S. to genital mutilation in Africa for Essence, The Village Voice, Vibe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Travel and Leisure among others. She visited an immigrant prison to investigate the impact of drug laws on poor women, camped with eco warriors to profile true believers ready to risk life and limb to save the planet and scrubbed animal cages to write about chimps who speak sign language.

To read samples of Sikes’ work, click on the below links:

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American Craft Council: It Started with a Kazoo (PDF)

Essence:  A Look Inside the Hateful Right-Wing Fringe  (PDF)

Interview:  Interview with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves  (PDF)

The Washington Post:  Looking for a Ticket Out  (PDF)

Washington Post:  Lili Taylor in Bloom  (PDF)

Cosmopolitan: The Hidden Danger of Break Ups, (PDF)

Travel and Leisure:  Chatting with Chimps in Washington State, (PDF

Mademoiselle: The $10,0000 Dare: Drug Mules (PDF) 

Marie Claire:  Eco-Warriors (PDF)  

Glamour:  Murder in the Heartland (PDF)


The New York Times: The Dreams of Teen-age Girls and How They Fall Apart

The New York Times: Documentaries Help Cinemax Escape Reputation As Sex Channel

TV Guide:  Christopher Reeve: A New Direction

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Metropolis: Judging a Book by Its Cover

Metropolis: Art as Furniture 

Scholastic Update: Girls in the 'hood  

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Cosmopolitan What Smart Girlfriends Never Do 

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Mirabella: Such a Nice Young Man: The Making of a Serial Killer

All Animals magazine of the Humane Society: 215,388 Seals Killed This Year